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About Us


Union Square Capital Advisors (USQA) is a private New York based boutique investment advisory firm that provides a unique service to high-growth companies and the institutions that invest in them. Please note that in the United States, Broker/ Dealer services are provided by Enclave Capital LLC, member FINRA/ SIPC  

The foundation of our business is built on knowledge, capital market expertise and an extensive global network that we leverage to help companies grow their business, secure cornerstone investors and diversify their share register - particularly in North America

For Public listed opportunities, we are specifically focused in Resources, Healthcare and Technology industries. 

For Private opportunities, we look for entrepreneurs and high growth companies in the industries of B2B / Enterprise SaaS, Healthcare and Fintech. We are looking for companies that have a minimum $1m in Annual Recurring Revenue and a strong economic moat with clear competitive advantages

We have built a track record of success in raising capital for Public listed companies ($100m - $1bn+ market cap) and Private companies from Series A/B all the way through public small and mid-cap company IPOs, hybrid securities and equity private placements. In addition we work closely with partner companies well beyond fund raising by leveraging our global network of prominent investor groups, C-suite management teams and leading bankers to source new customers, advise on effective market communications and to introduce new prospective investors in an effort to strengthen and diversify existing share registers.


Capital & Advisory services

Public market

With our extensive network of investors, we are able to tailor capital solutions that fit with investor appetite to best meet the needs of our client companies. We are specifically focused in Resources, Healthcare and Technology sectors in public markets.

Private (Series A/B)

Our team has a proven track record raising equity for B2B / Enterprise SaaS, Healthcare and Fintech companies; with a strong network of investors (FOs, Hedge Funds, VCs and HNWs). We work with companies with a minimum of $1m Annual Recurring Revenue and a strong economic moat with clear competitive advantages.



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Union Square Capital Advisors

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